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About us

"How does an invention come about? Everyone knows that something is impossible, and then a fool who does not know that it is impossible appears and makes an invention. ”
Albert Einstein

We have always been interested in innovations and new technologies.
What is the probability that a group of people from Pilsen will get a chance to develop unique and unique equipment?

We managed the almost impossible - to design and assemble a digitization unit from the iReparo project.

The uniqueness of the digitizing unit iReparo it will allow us to restore and retrieve information that not only our history considers lost.
Automatic reconstruction of historical, but also contemporary documents or fragments, as well as their digital sorting and evaluation is an opportunity to continue to discover parts of world history and preserve them for our future.

Thanks to the SAFE CITY project we have a universal ALFABETIX platform with intelligent LiMa module for public lighting control and also new communication HW, which is compatible with all luminaires with NEMA socket.

The IndustryLab project helped us get support for the purchase of the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D 4200 3D printer and the HiQ DIALOG LF 35kHz QCS ultrasonic welding unit, thus enabling the prototyping of new products for our company as well as for our partners, customers and those interested in 3D printing from the general public.

In Human4me project we have developed a 3D crossbar that is the first in the world compatible with suspension systems. And to make your special exercise application better.

We believe in traditions based on strong relationships.
We create effective turnkey solutions for our clients through innovation and digitization.
In cooperation with our foreign partners, such as the Fraunhofer Institute, Czech and foreign technical universities, we prepare products, which for clients mean above all a safe, smart and effective solution. This motivates us to continue looking for other innovative and original solutions.

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