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The ALFABETIX platform helps municipalities and companies to achieve long-term prosperity through digitization, improving communication and optimizing operational processes for managing the infrastructure of cities, municipalities and companies.

ALFABETIX helps you save time and money so that you have more time and resources for innovations and for new challenges.

The managed infrastructure of cities and municipalities or companies is managed very efficiently and functionally via the ALFABETIX platform, from simple recordings and documentation to their real-time management via IoT technologies.

With the help of the ALFABETIX platform you can manage, control and coordinate:

ALFABETIX helps you to become a digital, prosperous and secure municipality or company.
Above all, these positive steps in the management of the urban infrastructure bring greater security and convenience for citizens.

The tools for uploading a comprehensive pasport / proof of property are included in ALFABETIX.

The ALFABETIX platform is divided into the following basic modules:

What can I find in ALFABETIX:

Municipal Office

Overview of the municipality property's lands with buildings and land associated with the land register. However, you also have other pasports available, such as roads, traffic signs, green spaces or lighting. They have detailed information and a link to the map for each pasport. In addition to records, maintenance plans are also available - see the Technical Services module.

Technical Services

An overview of all revisions and inspections, cleaning, maintenance or other activities in connection with the administration of your municipality or city, company. All quickly and easily comprehensible, enriched and relevant documents such as audit reports or by contacting the relevant responsible person or company. You can monitor the current status of the activities carried out. In the application you will also be informed in good time about the upcoming dates of your activity. You don't have to think about it, ALFABETIX remembers them for you.

In addition to preventive activities, ALFABETIX can also be used to deal with operational events such as breakdowns or accidents and to plan and carry out repairs.

Land register, land and forest land, buildings

Management of obligations related to the ownership of land, forest or agricultural land.

Assistance with property registration, easements, foreclosures, lease and use of land, and more. The records can also be supplemented by change notifications based on data from the property cadaster, etc.

The same agenda applies to the management of obligations related to ownership of office buildings, lodging or business premises.


The availability of map data is an integral part of the solution. The map serves as the basis for all relevant data that is recorded in ALFABETIX and you can quickly see the location of the relevant property, pasport information or relevant documents. Block cleaning etc.

It is also possible to find or measure distances or areas on the map. So you have everything you need in one place!

ALFABETIX can also serve your suppliers!

Your business partners, who offer you various services from greening to roof repairs, also have access to ALFABETIX. Together you have an overview of the assigned activities and documentation of the submitted work.

Smart modules:


Real-time control and management of public lighting elements. Thanks to the intelligent LiMa control, you achieve a real optimum when operating the local public lighting system. From controlling the light intensity to monitoring the condition of the device itself, which indicates the need for maintenance. You no longer have to worry about the electricity bill!


The analytical camera system iCam with the option of image recognition and crisis analysis will be your reliable helper in increasing security in municipalities, especially at traffic junctions, in the area of public transport stops or parking lots. The system continuously monitors what is happening in its environment and immediately sends a message to the authorized person as soon as it evaluates the occurrence of a crisis event.


The ALFABETIX platform can be easily connected to different types of weather stations in the municipality. If the municipality or a partner organization also operates an air quality measuring station, it is also possible to immediately receive data on pollution, air intensity and more. In this case, too, a message is automatically sent to the person responsible if the set limit values are exceeded.

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