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New universal workout platform

First workout equipment made by 3D print technology and developed in cooperation by ILC FACTORY a.s. and RTI ZCU.

For your indoor and outdoor workout.

On one platform you can combine many exercises with different equipment.

We develop other components for new exercise.

With your proposal, we will create a new equipment for you.

First bar compatible with suspension systems

Combine your exercises.

Everything you need for your workout on one place.

Workout with human4me application

New motivation.
New opportunities and inspirations.
Videos and comments from coaches, athletes and physiotherapists.
Choose or create your own workout plan.
Learn from the others.
Take the right way to achieve your goals.

Biathlon world champion Gabriela Soukalová

With human4me you always have everything you need

Workout outdoor

Workout indoor

Everywhere you go / you have everything you need

Suspension systems

Combinated with rope

Light and strong structure

Thanks 3D print technology, carbon or aluminium materials

human4me app

In human4me app you can find:

Lose weight

Effective exercises to lose weight.

Aerobic and anaerobic activity.

Combination of strengthening and anaerobic exercises in one embodiment.

Body shaping exercises.

Burn your fat.


Compensative exercises.

Emphasis on right exercise.

Focus on individual needs.

Expert comments.

Sport training

Universal and specific workout.

Effective sports training.

For individual needs.

Your workout

Find right training for you.

Watch videos and advices that will improve your fitness.

Do effective exercises.

Technical specifications

Maximum load

120 kg


Aluminium, carbon, palyamide PA12

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