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The digitization unit

iReparo is a new and globally unique digitization unit that enables high-quality and inventory-friendly digitization of historical documents or paper fragments.

The iReparo digitization unit was developed by the ILC Factory in cooperation with the MusterFabrik Berlin and the Fraunhofer IPK Berlin. iReparo enables the digitalization of historical documents in a standalone manner or can optionally be used in combination with a subsequent digital image processing and pattern recognition process such as the automated virtual reconstruction of documents.

The total solution:

Reconstruction of fragments

Thanks to this digitization unit, our company, in cooperation with the MusterFabrik Berlin, is able to digitally reassemble fragments of documents, make them readable and reusable.

The ILC Factory and the MusterFabrik Berlin are strategic partners for the automated digital reconstruction of documents.

The common solution portfolio ILC and MFB allows the reconstruction of historical and contemporary documents or fragments, and whose digital sorting and evaluation. This not only brings great cultural advantages for the Czech Republic.

"iReparo" is an opportunity to rediscover lost parts of history for our future.


Easier restoration of old historical documents

The uniqueness of the iReparo digitizer enables us to recover and retrieve information that not only our history would consider lost.

"IReparo" is an opportunity to continue discovering lost parts of history for our future.

Project: The iREPARO digitization unit is co-financed by the European Union.

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