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In the ALFABETIX software platform, the module called SAFE CITY is used to control public lighting systems, parking systems, meteorological sensors, and the detection of vehicles, people and dangerous situations through intelligent camera systems. Another module called SAFE AREA will be integrated.

Its task will be to use special camera sets (installed on street lamps) and associated software equipment with the aid of neural networks to recognize and record dangerous traffic situations at intersections of various types of land traffic, typically at pedestrian crossings and intersection points.

The system will not only evaluate these dangerous situations, but will also generate inputs for various suitable factors in real time and thus prevent a number of dangerous situations in advance. The solution principle will make it possible to record a large number of dangerous situations for subsequent differentiated processing and to find traffic-organizational measures that reduce the number of dangerous situations at these points in the traffic infrastructure.

Advantages of the SAFE AREA module:

Increased safety for cyclists and pedestrians at intersections

The system brings a significant increase in safety for cyclists and pedestrians at traffic light-controlled intersections (traffic lights) and at points of uncontrolled intersections. In the event of an accident in which a car collides with pedestrians, the system can trigger the call for an integrated rescue system. At pedestrian crossings, the system can immediately warn pedestrians of a vehicle approaching too quickly or a vehicle with right of way (typically an ambulance with lights and sounds).

The type of warning depends on the specific design of the intersection, in some cases several different factors can be triggered for both drivers and pedestrians.

Complete integration into the platform

The SAFE AREA module is fully integrated into the Alfabetix platform.

The given higher-level system will thus be able to use the information generated by the module about a traffic accident or other traffic event for warning and inform arriving vehicles or reduce the speed of arriving vehicles (everything depends on the tools available for a particular master system).

Recognize dangerous situation

An important ability of the module will be the ability to recognize and evaluate traffic incidents. The scope and quality of the recorded hazardous situations can be used for later evaluation.

Traffic analysis

The system will enable a subsequent analysis that can lead to proposed changes that can lead to a reduction in the number of violations and thus dangerous traffic situations. The very existence of this type of intersection, which is clearly marked for all participants, will lead to increased discipline and caution among all road users.

Use of neural networks

Thanks to the detection and detection of objects, cars, cyclists and other road users, it will be possible to automatically detect dangerous situations or objects from a distance.

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Our company is implementing a project called "SAFE AREA" Reg. No. CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/19_262/0020336, which is submitted for co-financing from the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, ie from the European Union and the state budget Czech Republic.

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